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The Green Pack

The Green Pack is the perfect one for those who love mountains, forests and lushy landscapes. These presets will make your greens look faded, and desaturated, yet very aesthetic pleasing. This pack of 5 presets have been created after a couple years traveling the world in different environments which were essential for me to master my craft in photography.


Why not try the "Master pack", that not only includes the Green Pack, but also the Blue, Golden and Master ones for a much more affordable price?


The presets work perfectly for travel, outdoors, portraits and commercial work. I've been using them myself for the last 6 months and perfecting them to work in all kind of conditions. They'll give your photos a clean and professional look and help you to achieve editing consistency with one single click. 


More editing will be necessary to make your photo look perfect. That's why I've also included a video tutorial on how to make the most out of the presets, showing a few of my favorites techniques I use in workflow daily. (I use all the presets from the "Master pack")


So, what's included?

- 5 Lightroom presets that work both on desktop and mobile.

- A PDF file explaining how to install them.

- A video tutorial on how to use the presets properly and some techniques that will make your edits stand out.


A few other notes:

- If you have bought a single pack and want to upgrade for the Master, I'll happily refund you the money of the first pack.

- The file size is around 850MB. It might take a while to download depending on your connection, but it'll get there :)

- They have been designed for RAW photos. If you shoot in JPEG they might look overedited and you'll need to tweak them more.

- Presets are XMP files and are compatible with Lightroom CC and Classic CC from version 7.3 and with the Lightroom mobile app. 

If you have other versions you will need to convert the files.

- Presets are not refundable. If you are unhappy with them, send me a message I'll help you to figure out what's wrong.

The Green Pack

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