Hello! Nice to meet you.



My name is Ricardo Braz, a 26 years old travel photographer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

My love for photography started quite a while ago, but I started to take it seriously only in 2017, when I bought my first semi-professional camera. Things have developed and nowadays I'm lucky enough to call it my profession and it takes me to all corners of this big world.



During my travels, I've acquired a taste for exotic countries and cultures - places where 90% of people wouldn't think as a nice holiday destination. In my travel curriculum, I can mention 64 countries in the 5 continents and some big adventures including hiking to the Everest Base Camp in Nepal, watching a volcano erupting from a close distance in Guatemala, scuba diving with manta rays and sharks in the Maldives, standing on the edge of Turkmenistan's Door to Hell and photographing the northern lights in the frigid temperatures of Alaska and Iceland. What an adventure it has been!



  I've worked with great brands in this short career, such as Jeep, Corona, Columbia, Flashpacker Connect, Turo, LensRentals, OMNI Hotels and Visit Faroe Islands, to name a few. My work has already been published in the global National Geographic magazine, British Airways in-flight cover magazine, Folha de São Paulo, and also in Condé Nast and The Discovrr social media.



I believe traveling is the best way to develop yourself as a person, so my goal as a photographer is to inspire people to go out there and venture out in the unknown, getting out of their comfort zones, and becoming better human beings. Thanks for joining me on this journey!