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My current gear

As a travel photographer, having the right gear is essential for me to capture stunning images and have a smooth photography experience. Please note that the "perfect" kit will depend from person to person, according to their needs, shooting environment, and style of photography. Here's a list of what I'm currently using.

Feel free to ask for recommendations :)

Cameras & Lenses

Cameras and lenses are the foundation of a travel photographer's gear. A good camera body and lenses can help you take advantage of different lighting and environmental conditions, capturing high-quality images in any situation. Having multiple lenses also provides versatility, allowing you to switch between wide-angle, telephoto, and other lenses as needed to capture different subjects and perspectives. Investing in good gear can ultimately lead to better photographs and a more enjoyable photography experience.


Sony A7IV

I've recently switched systems from Fujifilm to Sony and I'm very satisfied with the overall performance of the A74. A perfect hybrid camera, 33MP, incredible technology, great DR- everything I could need. The images are incredibly sharp and the camera feels good in the hands - a workhorse of all trades. For me, it's one of the best cameras on the market today.

If you're looking for alternatives:

Same range:

Higher range:




Sigma 150-600

Ever since I owned a 150-600, I never thought even for a second of getting a 70-200 or a 100-400. The extra reach allows me to be super creative and capture stunning details in a landscape scene.

This lens has over exceeded my expectations so far.


Sigma 24-70 2.8

My go-to lens - is the one that is barely inside the camera bag. There's not much to be said about a 24-70 2.8 - it is basically the most versatile lens you can own, the one you can use in 90% of daily situations. The images from this lens are super sharp and the colors are awesome. I've had the chance to test it side-by-side with a 24-70 G-Master from Sony and being completely honest, I preferred the outcome of the Sigma (not to mention the price difference!)


Sigma 12-24 2.8

A specialty lens that I use mostly for shooting real state and night photography. I'm personally not a huge fan of shooting landscapes with wide-angle lenses, so this one is probably the least used of my kit, despite loving it every time I use it. There are a handful of situations where 24mm is not wide enough and it comes really handy.


Fujifilm X100V


DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Camera Bag

A reliable camera bag is crucial for protecting your gear while you're on the road. Look for a bag that is durable, weather-resistant, and has enough space to carry all of your equipment, accessories, and personal items. Consider a backpack-style camera bag for added comfort and ease of use. I've used multiple backpacks in my journey and each of them has fit me well. I still have a few of them that I use in different circumstances.


f-stop Tilopa 50L Dura Diamond + Large ICU


Osprey 45L


Incase DSLR Pro

Sigma 35 1.4


North Face BaseCamp Duffelbag


A tripod is an essential accessory for travel photographers, as it allows you to stabilize your camera during low light or long exposures. Filters, such as polarizing filters, can help you control the light entering your lens and enhance your images. UV filters protect your glass from getting scratched. Memory cards, hard drives and extra batteries are also important to have on hand, ensuring that you never run out of space or power while shooting. Small bags keep all the cables and chargers organized. 

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